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100 Ranch
Listed for $8,985,000

Listing Details:

  • Scenic 1,200 cow ranch. Absolutely beautiful.
  • Located 29 miles north of Carrizozo or 56 miles north of Ruidoso, NM.
  • Stunning views south and east of the nearby Sierra Blanca, Vera Cruz, Capitans, Sacramentos, Jack's Peak, and Tucson mountains. From the high point on Chupadera Mesa one can see to the west the Gallina and San Mateo mtns.
  • Land tenure includes 15,963 deeded acres, 30,680 acres of BLM lease, and 9,208 acres of state lease. Total of 87 Sections and every inch is pretty.
  • Terrain includes canyons and mesas, rolling hills, broad draws of solid turf grass.
  • Blue, Black, and Sideoats Grama Grass, Sand Dropseed, Tabosa, Buffalo Grass, Sacaton, NM Feathergrass. Browse includes lots of Winterfat ( a significant asset in the winter)and Four Wing Saltbush and Yucca.
  • Pinon and Juniper trees are interspersed over most of the ranch.
  • Elevation averages 6,000' with cool summers and moderate winters this far south.
  • Well maintained water system with large storage tanks and good big drinkers.
  • Appx 75 drinkers in excellent condition plus many dirt tanks furnish lots of water.
  • Good fences many of them fairly new, two sets of pipe corrals. Scales, chutes, several pasture corrals with small traps and water lots. Living quarters for three families, barns, sheds, shop, hangar. There is a good number of Elk, Mule Deer,
  • Antelope, Quail, and Oryx on the ranch. Property taxes are $1,050
  • Grazing fees are BLM $10,465 and State $7,739
  • Access off Highway 54 by County road to hdqts. Electricity and Telephone.
  • Brokers note:
    In all these years of selling ranches, this is the most attractive best all around ranch of this size we have been privileged to present. Cost of operation is low with total leases, property taxes and livestock taxes of less than $20 per cow per year. It is a heck of a cow ranch in addition to being beautiful.
  • Price: $424 per deeded acre plus $75 per state lease acre, plus $50 per acre of BLM lease.
  • Total Price: $8,985,000. Cash

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